Own a Selfie Stick Today for Enjoyable Photo Taking

A selfie stick is, in fact, not something new but a classical kind of monopod for a photo camera or camcorder. The stick itself is not very stable but convenient for its light weight and mobility.

What Materials is the Tool made up of?

The way of using of the monopod for a selfie and its price depends on the design and materials it’s made of:

The design of a monopod is evidently simple, since it is absolutely effortless to assemble and disassemble it, making it highly convenient for traveling and storage. The fact that they come in a variation of different colors too, black, bright orange or green; is a small but admired detail.

Monopod with a Remote Control

So you are already a lucky owner of a selfie stick. What to do next and how to use it? Get started with your monopod by following the steps below:

  1. Assemble the selfie stick according to a scheme provided in manufacturer’s manual connecting a mount for Smartphone with a screw-thread. Try not to be confused on which side the mount is connected, as another side of the selfie stick also has the thread but for another monopod.
  2. Install a flat battery to the remote control and connect the selfie stick to a power source via USB-cable for at least an hour. You can unplug the charger when the red battery indicator turns off.
  3. Connect the charged monopod to your Smartphone. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and search for nearby devices. Connect your phone to the required device via Bluetooth.
  4. If you have a remote, it has only two buttons: one is to control Apps and another one is to push the shutter button. Enable using the volume control button of your phone to take photos. Using the selfie stick without the remote differs only in the arrangement of the control buttons directly on the device handle; they send a signal to Smartphone via Bluetooth in the same way.
  5. Turn your camera on, find yourself (or another object) in the viewfinder and take your first photo.

By the way, using a monopod not only enables you to take not only yourself but also many other amazing pictures which would be inaccessible or inconvenient angles when shooting with your hands.

Possible Problems

You will quickly get used to your selfie stick as it is totally convenient and you will be snapping photos with ease. But as everything has its plusses and minuses, selfie sticks do too and you will notice some disadvantages after a while. It is quite easy to tolerate them, especially when considered in advance:

  1. Adjust the size of holder properly
  2. A Smartphone holder on the handle is made of light and thin metal that can spontaneously change the position under the weight of a large phone or camera. There is the only way to deal with that: to adjust the mount size by the size of the Smartphone as precisely as possible and then keep the selfie stick steady, with no sudden movements or turns.
  3. Incompatible with some models
  4. The monopod is compatible with two operating systems of mobile devices as iOS and Android. But in practice, not all the Android devices are able to connect to the gadget. This problem can be solved by installing special software which can be downloaded from the Internet for free or for some reasonable fee.
  5. Faulty connection (because of energy saving mode)
  6. The remote control may lose connection with the device from time to time. If you noticed that your console has turned off, just turn it on again and reconnect; it doesn’t take much time. This is not a manufacturing but an operational defect. Think as it is a way to save your battery.

Know where you can & cannot use your Selfie Stick

The undoubted advantages with just a few minuses are enough of a reason to buy a selfie stick and learn how to use it yourself. But keep in mind that the popularity of selfie shots has earned the device a mixed reputation. Many museums, stadiums and other public places around the world have banned the use of these devices for security reasons. Be wise and courteous by paying attention to visitor’s guides when travelling or visiting new places. Do not use your monopod, where it is not allowed.

Wishing you the best shots and many memorable moment captures with awesome photos.